CardioScan Holter Analysis Software

CardioScan Holter System
  • Easy editing of multi-day recordings into one report, with individual access to each daily 24-hour file
  • ​​Industry-leading arrhythmia analysis tools (VE, SVE, Aberrant, Bigeminy, Trigeminy, Pairs, Runs, Sustained Brady, Tachy, Bundle Branch Block, Ventricular Escape, etc.)
  • A-Fib detection and editing for any period (1-30 days)
  • Comprehensive ST analysis in under 10 seconds
  • QT/QTc, SAECG, VCG, T-Wave Alternans
  • Pacemaker program
  • Color-coded Full Disclosure for each individual beat
  • Customizable reports

​​The CardioScan Holter Analysis Software can be used as a turnkey stand alone system or can be used in tandem with the CardioVision Real-Time Telemetry System to do comprehensive cardiac analysis of patient wave files.  Cardiac wave-files can be imported and analyzed from any of our compatible Holter Event Recorders or linked from a networked CardioVision Real-Time Telemetry System.

CardioScan Compatible Holter Monitors

The CardioScan Holter Software is compatible with any of the Holter monitors below:

LCD Screen
5 Day Recording
3 and 12 Lead ECG
3, 4, 5, 7 or 10 Lead Wires
Only 1 AAA Battery
Event Capture
DMS 300 - 4L
4 Day Recording
3 & 12 Lead ECG
4 or 10 Lead Wires
Only 1 AAA Battery
Event Capture
DMS 300 - 4A
7 Day Recording
3 Channels
5 or 7 Lead Wires
Only 1 AAA Battery
Lightweight Design
DMS 300 - 3A
See all the things you can do with the CardioScan Analysis Software:
CardioScan Software Screen Shots
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