iM 80 Bedside Monitor

15 Inch Color Touch Display

Wi-Fi Bi-Directional Communication

NIBP, SPO2, Respiration, CO2

Arrhythmia and ST Segment Analysis

Pacemaker Detection

Built-In Rechargeable Battery

Nurse Call Function

Bed to Bed Communication

Dual IBP Slots

VGA Output

Optional Multi-Gas

Optional Cardiac Output

Signal Wi fi trans.png
iM 80 Cardiac Bedside and Surgery Monitor

Wirelessly connects to
MFM-CMS Central Station

Wi-Fi im80.jpg
Signal Wi fi trans.png

Wireless Wi-Fi
Bed to Bed Comunication

Wirelessly connects to MFM-CMS Central Station

View any bedside from any room.

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15 Inch Multi-Wave Color Display

iM 80 cardiac bedside monitor
iM 80 Bedside Monitor

EMR Compatible

Up to 32 Wireless Bedside Monitors can connect to a single
MFM-CMS Central Station
MFM-CMS Central Station for cardiac patient monitoring.
MFM-CMS Central Station
Compatible with HL-7 Electronic Medical Records. 

Mounting & Carrying Solutions

Wall mounted Cardiac Bedside Monitor

Wall Mounting

iM  80 on Rolling Stand

Rolling Stand

iM Bedside Monitor Comparison

Which one is right for you?
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