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MFM-CMS Telemetry Central Station
  • IPX7 Waterproof Transmitters

  • 32 Channels per Central Station

  • Bedside and Vital Sign Monitor Compatible

  • Bi-Directional Communication

  • Bed to Bed Bedside Viewing

  • Dual Display & Remote Monitoring Compatible

  • Full Disclosure Patient History

  • Adjustable Audible and Visual Alarms

  • EMR /HL7

MFM-CMS Telemetry Central Station

Compatible with IPX7 Waterproof Telemetry Transmitters.

3 or 5 Lead ECG 

With or without SPO2

Up to 32 Channels

Waterproof Telemetry Transmitter
iT 20 Waterproof Telemetry Transmitter
Compatible with Vital Signs Bedside Monitors.

Mix it up! 

Use any combination of compatible bedside monitors and waterproof telemetry transmitters

up to 32 Channels.

Compatible Bedside Monitors
iM 80 Surgery Monitor
iM 80
iM 70 Wireless Bedside Monitor
iM 70
iM 60 Bedside Vital Signs Monitor
iM 60
Edan Cardiac Patient Montors
iM 50 Vital Signs Monitor
iM 50
X-Series Wireless Wi-Fi Bedside Monitors
Compatible with Electronic Medical Record Systems.

HL7 compatible software built in.

Up to 32 Wireless Monitors can connect to a single
MFM-CMS Central Station
MFM-CMS Central Station for cardiac patient monitoring.
MFM-CMS Central Station
Compatible with HL-7 Electronic Medical Records. 
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