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Edan iX Series Bedside Vital Signs Monitors

iX Series Bedside Monitor

Coming in 2024
Continuous Non-Invasive Blood Pressure
CO2, Invasive Pressures
Respiration, Temperature,

One Step Closer To Perfection

Based on an in-depth understanding of clinical needs, the iX Series brings a comfortable visual experience and industrial design that pursue perfection.
Innovating monitoring technologies bridge critical parameters with medical professionals across difficulties.
Various flexible monitoring solutions adapt to every department across the hospital.

ix Bedside 140 degrees Extended.jpg

Comfortable Visual Experience

  • 105 degree Viewing

  • Auto-Brightness Adjustment

  • 170 degree Ultra-Wide Observation Angle

  • Anti-Glare Design

A New Generation of Excellence

Edan iX Series Bedside Monitors

Redefining Effortless Patient Monitoring

iFAST Rapid Blood Pressure Measurement

Optimize cuff inflation logic and simplify the process to avoid repeated pressurization with intelligent rising algorithms.
Significantly reduce the measurement time compared with traditional algorithms.
Patients feel more comfortable without over-inflation during measurement.

fast mesurement Blood Pressure

CNBP No Cuff Blood Pressure

Continuous Non-Invasive Blood Pressure

CNBP is the exploration of Edan about an innovative way to monitor continuous blood pressure. PTT (Pulse Transit Time) is proportional to blood pressure, and is obtained from ECG and SpO2. Through this way comes CNBP technology, enabling a prompt reaction to sudden BP change that could be hidden by traditional NIBP monitoring.

CNBP - Continuous Non-Invasive Blood Pressure

Centralized Monitoring

Including the iX series telemetry monitor, all content from Edan’s patient monitor could be integrated into the MFM-CMS and process continuous monitoring and data management. It releases labor force from frequently bedside observation and recording.

Centralized Monitoring Station

Assist Your Clinical Decisions

The iX monitor brings efficient Clinical Assistive Applications,
which enable healthcare professionals to make more efficient clinical decisions in mid-acuity and general wards areas.

Glasgow Coma Scale
24 hour ECG Summery
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