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Rent Cardiac Monitors and Telemetry Central Stations
  1. No Capital Outlay

  2. All Maintenance Costs Included

  3. Reasonable Flat Rate or Per-Usage Terms

Critical Access Hospitals      Clinical Trials      Rural Hospitals
Short or Long Term Rentals of Cardiac Telemetry and Patient Monitors.

Rental Programs

Short or Long Term Rentals of Cardiac Telemetry Central Stations and Bedside Patient Monitors


Renting Cardiac Equipment can be a better choice for many reasons. If you are a critical access hospital , rural hospital, or a

pharmaceutical company conducting a clinical trial, renting can be very cost effective. Rental plans require no initial capital outlay or start-up costs and maintenance costs are included in all rental plans. All you pay is a flat monthly rate or a per-usage fee. You decide which is best for your unique needs

Flat Rate or Per Usage

Flat Rate Rentals pay the same rate each month regardless of use. This is our most popular plan and is the perfect choice for critical access hospitals or any facility wishing to streamline their patient monitoring costs.  The cost of maintenance is included as part of the rental agreement. And there are no initial capital outlay or start-up costs.  All you pay is a low monthly rate based on the number of channels required.

Per-Usage Plans pay a variable rate each month based on use. This plan is preferred by rural hospitals or any facility whose census or patient monitoring requirements fluctuate dramatically from month to month. The cost of maintenance is included as part of the rental agreement. And there are no initial capital outlays or start-up costs. Payment is based on a predetermined rate per patient day. For example: If a patent is placed on telemetry for 3 days and the predetermined rate is $30.00 per patient day then the cost of telemetry for that patient would be 3 x $30.00 or $90.00. Many of our customers find that this is the most cost-effective method to provide cardiac telemetry for their facility.

Below are just a few reasons why     Rental is preferable to purchasing:

​Most Critical Access Hospitals operate on a Cost-Based Reimbursement for Medicaid Services. Rental of medical equipment is usually considered an allowable expense under Medicare guidelines.  If your hospital has CAH status the entire rental cost  is reimbursable.

Critical Access Hospitals

Drug Studies are by nature temporary. If you are a CRO working on behalf of a pharmaceutical company entering phase I clinical trials, you may find that renting short term is the most cost-efficent option available.

Drug Study & Clinical Trials

Many rural hospitals find that rental of cardiac monitors and patient monitoring systems are more cost efficient than owning because our rental plans include the cost of maintenance under the rental agreement.

Rural Hospitals

All hospitals and health care facilities experience seasonal fluctuations in numbers of people that require care. Many of our current customers temporarily increase their telemetry channels and patient monitoring capabilities during times of increased demand.

Temporary Census Increase

We offer In-House financing through our "Rent to Own" plan. Tri-Tec Monitors assumes all maintenance costs during the duration of the rental contract. Upon completion of the contract, the renter will have the option to assume ownership and all future expenses or upgrade their cardiac equipment and continue to rent under a new contract.

Rent To Own
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