CardioVision Wi-Fi Telemetry System

​​The CardioVision Telemetry System is the next generation of patient monitoring. In addition to providing state of the art real-time telemetry, CardioVision doubles as a full disclosure holter monitor. Now, for the first time one telemetry system can do it all. Comprehensively combine all your hospital ECG monitoring requirements into a single network. Access your data anytime and anywhere you have an internet connection. Whether at the nurses station, holter lab, doctors office, or at home. Patients can be remote viewed from a satellite station, laptop, phone, tablet, or other mobile device. 

Expandable to 144 Channels
Full Disclosure
Total Recall
Multi-Day Trends
Real-Time Arrhytmia Detection
Configurable Alarms and Reports
Compatible With Your Current Network
Remote Viewing on Mobile Devices
Instant ECG Enlargement
Holter Analysis
Remote View From Any Device Anywhere!

View the CardioVision Telemetry System from anywhere you have an internet connection. Remote View on your I-Pad, I-Phone, Android Device, Windows PC, or Mac. For the first time, Doctors can check on their patients progress from anywhere, using the remote viewing feature of CardioVision. Remote Viewing uses an 128 - bit SSL encrypted, password protected connection which ensures that patient data will always remain confidential and HIPPA compliant.

The CardioVision Telemetry System continuously monitors every patient heartbeat with its Wi-Fi Transmitter. With only 3 wires it can receive 6 distinct ECG views of the heart.  This patient data is displayed live in real time as well as stored in a full disclosure holter file, which can be archived for future use as well as accessed and analysed by a Cardiologist, using the companion CardioScan Holter Analysis Software.

How it Works
DMS 300-2W Telemetry Transmitter

The DMS 300-2W Telemetry Transmitter is full featured patient monitoring device, featuring full disclosure transmission of six real-time cardiac views over Wi-Fi to the CardioVision Telemetry Central Station. At which point the patient can be monitored in real-time  while a holter file is created which can be analysed by the CardioScan Holter Analysis Software and viewed by a cardiologist at a later date.

Network your System

Network your CardioVision System. Access Files from anywhere within your network or remotely connect through the internet. Access whatever you need, when you need it. 

View and Print 6 Cardiac Views 

The DMS 300-2W Telemetry Transmitter sends 6 cardiac views back to the CardioVision Central Station. These vectors can be viewed and analyzed at any time. Custom Reports can be compiled and printed to suit your needs.

CardioVision Brochure:
See all the things you can do with the CardioVision Central Station:
CardioVision Central Station Screen Shots
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