TrensCenter Telemetry System

The TrensCenter Central Station is a multi-parameter Telemetry monitoring system capable of displaying three waveforms per patient as well as vital signs numbers when connected to a bedside monitor.  Wireless 600 mhz medical band telemetry transmitters are water resistant.  Full Disclosure of cardiac waveforms up to 48 hours and customized trending reports can be printed to a laser printer or thermal chart recorder.  Supports up to 16 channels per central station, and multiple central stations can be daisy chained together to create up to 32 channels per system.

Expandable to 32 Channels
16 and 8 Channel Versions
​Full Disclosure
Configurable Alarms and Reports
​600mhz Medical Band
Water Resistant Transmitters
Wireless Bedside Monitoring
Prints to Chart Recorder or Laser Printer
TrensCenter Cardiac Telemetry Central Station
TM-8 Cardiac Telemetry Transmitter

The Telematster Cardiac Telemetry Transmitter broadcasts it's signal using the protected 600 mhz medical band. The TM8a has an extreamly lightweight water resistant case. Choose 3 or 5 wire leads to capture 2 cardiac views of the heart. 

TrensCenter Telemetry Brochure
TrensCenter Brochure:
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See all the things you can do with the TrensCenter Central Station:
TrensCenter Screen Shots
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